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MÉTAL’ART by sculptor Claude Rioux

From September 22 to November 10, the Gaspésian sculptor Claude Rioux will present over twenty of his creations at the Acadian Museum of Quebec.

In the exhibit, the professional artist innovates with contemporary crafts, with works made of expanded metal, a material usually used as a fence in architecture or construction.

The artist uses it brilliantly. “With this material, I can obtain a transparent sculpture that lets in light, which evokes the ethereal aspect of human beings. Through this innovative technique – coherent with my artistic approach focused on spirituality – I was inspired to make sculptures of characters in meditation, because the transparency evokes serenity. Combined with the luminosity, this material remarkably produces the same effect as glass.”

Most of the sculptures presented are part of his “Les Orants” collection. In religious art, this term refers to a character in an attitude of prayer. Each piece reveals a being deeply rooted in his or her faith. The collection as a whole is a prayer for all humanity represented by characters of different origins.

Claude Rioux has created a dozen public art sculptures in Gaspésie and has presented his works in several exhibits (solo and collective).

The opening of the exhibit takes place on Sunday, September 22 at 2:00 pm in the presence of the artist.